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Pollworkers for Democracy

Pollworkers for Democracy urges anyone who's not nailed down to pledge, right now, to work the polls with us this November. (And get paid.) Because you – the informed, the concerned, the online – are needed in the front row seats on Election Day. You'll be helping voters, assisting elections officials, taking firsthand notes, and leaving with a new understanding of American elections. Sign up today!

The Parallel Election (PE) Project

from their website:

"The Parallel Election Project at http://thelandesreport.com/ParallelElections.htm is an effort to return local control and meaningful oversight to elections in America.  Our current voting system is completely untrustworthy.  State election officials across the country have privatized and outsourced our elections to a handful of domestic and foreign corporations.  It is an open door to massive vote fraud. We want to change that. We have decided to run our own Parallel elections in order to compile hard evidence of how voters really voted.  We are organizing to place Parallel Election Pollworkers (PEPs) at as many polling stations as possible."

Who Can Observe The Elections Process?

Summary - by state - of what we know about who can be in the polling place to observe on Election Day.
The article is here.

This is not a comprehensive list, but covers more than half the states...

Note in some cases rules change after the polling place closes, e.g. for observing the tabulation of votes, so whenever one is planning to observe, it's good to check the rules. This is just meant to be a starting point. If you know of changes or additions, we'd be glad to hear about them.

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