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Protect Elections, Prosecute Rove

Stop The Chamber Of Commerce

Proving election fraud


Palast Investigates 
In 2006, Republican cyber
security expert Stephen
Spoonamore was interviewed
by a major news outlet and he
blasted Diebold voting
machines and the stealing of
elections. The story was
killed but now you can see
that explosive interview
thanks to VelvetRevolution.

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[Iraq Town Halls.]




Velvet Revolution is a grassroots citizens' movement and therefore we will be responsible to you for the money you send us for use in VR campaigns and operations. We pledge to spend the money wisely, and to support specific actions and initiatives by groups and other citizens who are organizing actions which VR supports.

You can now make a donation to VR in four different ways:

  1. Online through our NETWORK FOR GOOD fiscal sponsor for c3 activities,
  2. online through our secure credit card processor for non c3 activities,
  3. online through PayPal, and
  4. by U.S. Mail.


·         We are now a member in good standing with NETWORK FOR GOOD, which means that your donations are tax deductible and protected by the terrific NFG reputation—recognized as the leader in online giving to good causes. 

Using the NETWORK FOR GOOD form, you can make a donation in any amount, set up a recurring donation, give in memory of, and even give anonymously. Please use the campaign drop down list to earmark your funds toward a particular campaign or for VR general support. Although Justice Through Music and Velvet Revolution are separate non profits, JTM does serve as VR’s fiscal sponsor for 501c3 activities, so we need to know what you are supporting with your donation. Your tax receipt will say Justice Through Music. Click this button to make a tax deductible donation.



·         If you are not taking a tax deduction or are donating to support a lobbying campaign, please use our secure credit card processor. Enter the amount you wish to donate via our secure online credit card server:

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  For those who prefer to donate through PayPal, please click the button below. 

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  Alternately, our snail mail address for checks or money order donations is: 

POB 9576
Washington, DC 20016


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 Texas GOP's Polling Place Photo ID Law Almost Certain to Get Nixed. Again. Here's Why...
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 'Green News Report' - September 3, 2013
9/ 3/13
 Will Holder Really Get Tough on Voting Rights?: My Conversation with Mike Papantonio on Thom Hartmann's Show [VIDEO]
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 Syria Toon of the Moment: Twice Bitten...


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