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We will deliver this letter with thousands of signatures to Attorney General Eric Holder :

Attorney General Eric Holder
Department of Justice
950 Constitution Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20530

Dear Mr. Holder:

I am one of the 85% of Americans who do not want corporations buying our elections. Therefore, I am requesting that the Department of Justice launch an investigation into a new organization created by Karl Rove called American Crossroads ("AC"). As you know, Mr. Rove has been involved with dirty tricks and election manipulations since his days in the Nixon Administration. During the Bush Administration, he was implicated in the Brooks Brothers riot during the Florida 2000 recount, the theft of Alabama Governor Don Siegelman\ís 2002 election, the 2004 Ohio election debacle, the missing White House emails, the unethical targeting of U.S. Attorneys, the illegal outing of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame and even the death of Bush election IT guru Michael Connell, among many other things.

Mr. Rove created AC in order to sideline the Republican National Committee ("RNC") and take advantage of the 2010 Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United that allowed unlimited corporate funding of elections. Press reports indicate that AC is planning to amass and spend at least $52 million to support candidates friendly to Big Business, all without disclosure or accountability.

I, believe, based on Mr. Rove's sordid history and the corrupting influence of secret money, that AC will engage in unethical and illegal activity during this election season. In fact, AC's hostile takeover of the duties of the RNC without the concomitant regulatory accountability appears to be illegal on its face. Also, the payment to AC of tens of millions in secret funding from corporate CEO's, without board or shareholder approval and without disclosure, smacks of money laundering and campaign finance violations. As you know, Citizens United did not do away with all common sense campaign finance regulations, and the Court specifically mentioned that disclosure regulations and limits on foreign donations are entirely appropriate.

Only a criminal investigation of AC with subpoena power will be able to discover whether AC is complying with federal (and state) laws. I want to know which corporations are funding AC and the candidates running for election. I want to know that foreign corporations and individuals are not seeking to control our elected representatives by funneling money through AC. I want to be sure that since AC is acting in the shoes of the RNC, it is also complying with the regulations that govern the RNC.

Please announce a widespread investigation of American Crossroads as soon as possible in order to protect democracy, our elections, and the rule of law.

Thank you,